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When I started to research strollers, I quickly realized that there is no such thing as the perfect stroller. There is a world of options, and this is because each family is different and has different needs, but also, in many cases, you will need different things from a stroller at different moments.

The Babyzen Yoyo2 was recommended to me by many of my friends back home, and when I did my online research, it sounded and looked amazing. This was at the beginning of the pandemic, so it took a while for me to actually go and see it in a store. When we finally did, my husband (who usually doesn't really care about this sort of thing) said no way. It is too small, the wheels are not big enough, and I had to agree with him. It didn't seem sturdy enough compared to the strollers we kept seeing at the park and around us.

For my friends in Mexico, where the stroller is used to go to the mall once in a while, go to a restaurant, or on vacation, the Yoyo2 made a lot of sense as their primary stroller: it is small, light, and convenient. For me, who uses the stroller as a means of transportation, for doing groceries, for long walks on uneven terrains, I needed a different type of stroller, something bigger and more robust.

However, I did end up buying the Babyzen Yoyo2 Air France edition (only the color changes)

as a secondary stroller. I bought it thinking of my family's situation because as an

international family we will always travel. No matter where we live, we will have family and close ties with people worldwide, and of course, we also love to travel, so I thought I would really get my money's worth of this travel stroller. There are also millions of options within the travel category, and the YOYO2 is often presented as the Ferrari of travel strollers. For me, the reasons to pick this one over any other are:

  1. Size. This is really a small and lightweight yet very complete stroller. It is just 6.2 kg, and it is accepted as carry-on luggage, which means you don't need to check it in. Yes, that includes low-cost airlines and small planes. Other strollers that claim to be carry-on size require you to remove some part of the stroller, whereas the Yoyo2, you just need to fold it, and you are all set.

  2. Flexibility. You can use it with their newborn pack or bassinet, and you can make it a double stroller or add a buggy board. No matter your needs, this stroller grows with your baby and with your family. It is suitable for kids up to 22 kg, which means you will get a lot of use out of it.

  3. It is compatible with many car seats (with extra adapters, note that the adapters are different depending on where you buy them, you can check compatibility here). This for us was very important because we traveled with Max since he was 3 months old, and almost all lightweight travel strollers are suited for babies 6 months or older. It was also essential for us because we decided we wanted to travel with his car seat as most rental companies or cabs don't have adequate seats for children, and if they do, you simply don't know what you are getting. By attaching our car seat to the stroller, we avoided adding one more item to the already long list of things you need to travel with.

  4. It is easy to maneuver, and you can handle it with one hand, and it is very stable. We were very impressed with what the wheels can do and the suspension it has. Unless the terrain is really rough, you will be happy with the Yoyo2.

  5. Easy to fold. As with all strollers, there is a bit of a learning curve, but after a couple of times, you will fold it and unfold it without issues. The unfold is a one-step one-hand maneuver, and to unfold, there are two very simple steps. The brand claims it is a one-hand fold, which I haven't managed to do, but it's still simple enough.

  6. It is a very nice-looking stroller, easy to clean (just remove the fabric and machine wash at 30 °C). Additionally, because the fabric parts of the stroller are sold separately, they are interchangeable, so you can change the color if you want to.

Now for the not-so-great.

  1. Price. As said at the beginning, it depends on what you will use it for and how often, but in general, it is a pretty pricey stroller. It also does not include any accessories, so you have to buy everything separately. Just the car seat adapters that you will definitely need are 69 EUR.

  2. It was probably bad luck, but after the first trip, the handle started to break, and after the second the canopy had broken. The stroller was still functional, but it looked horrible, and it is not what you expect from a good brand and product, especially not at that price point. I do have to say though that customer service was excellent because I sent them pictures of the damage and after about a week I received a package with replacement parts. No need for explanations or hours on the line with customer service. Kudos on the warranty and customer service, but still, it should not have happened.

  3. The basket is tiny, there is barely any space to place things. It makes sense because it is a lightweight stroller, but it is still worth mentioning it. You can buy their additional shopping bag, but I'm not sure how smooth the stroller will run if you add too much weight.

  4. If you have a full-size stroller, using the Yoyo2 or any travel stroller will be an adjustment. For instance, I keep bumping my feet on the wheels because I am used to my Nuna that has a very long adjustable handle. The Yoyo2 has just one length, and it is long enough, but it takes a bit to get used to.

  5. You can't wheel it when folded like other travel strollers like the Silver Cross Jet. The Yoyo2 has a strap that you put over your shoulder, and it does come with a bag you can put it in.

Overall, as with every stroller, you have to ask yourself what you need it for and what use you will give it. If you travel a lot, this stroller is a winner, every time we are at an airport or in a crowded touristic place, we are grateful that we have it. I cannot tell you how many jealous stares we have gotten with the Yoyo2 from parents folding their strollers at the gate or being stuck between two narrow lanes at a store because their stroller doesn't fit. It is also great that most personnel at airports know the stroller, so we usually get an "AAAA it's the Yoyo," and that is enough no need to weigh, explain or argue. If you want to use it as your primary stroller, I would ask what the use you will give it. If you want something practical to go around the city or something small that fits in the back of your car with no issues, this stroller is excellent. If you plan to take daily walks in the forest and carry a week worth of groceries, you probably need a Full-size stroller.

If you are looking to buy it, but it's out of your budget, or you don't want to spend the small fortune it costs, there are tons you can buy online, there are Facebook groups by country that just deal with information and sale of second hand Babyzen products and accessories. It is so durable and you can buy the fabrics separately, making this a great stroller to purchase second-hand.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me, and I will be happy to tell you anything else you would like to know about the Babyzen Yoyo2.

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